We showed at EXPOTREN  2018 and 2019 (LLEIDA)



This model train N layout has been design for to mount yourself.

You no need to solder wires neither Knowledge of electricity, electronics, carpentry, etc.
It will be easy if you pay attention on attached instructions.
The structure includes anchor for wooden trestle.
All wooden parts contain the holes for the screws.
Total length of tracks is 19m, with Fleischmann Piccolo tracks.
The ideal capacity is 3 trains running at the same time.
trains run with digital system, accessories are controlled by switchboard.

In yellow see a enlarge possibility on the left side

We offer this train layout in some parts “SETS”: (Prices for export to CEE)
SET NUM. 1 –  Wooden structure, includes wood, screws, Fleischmann Piccolo track plan and easy instructions.
SET NUM. 2 –  Fleischmann Piccolo tracks, some of them with welded wires, nails, Faller bridge, track reference plan, a list of track references and easy instructions.
SET NUM. 3 –  Electrical switch point motors, switch board, wires, all ready to connect and and easy instructions. All wires come with connection strips with screws.
SET NUM. 4 –  Digital equipment (Lenz 100 or Roco/Fleischmann Z21 white version), transformer, wooden support for digital equipment, wires and connections, everything ready to connect and easy instructions.
SET NUM. 5 –  6 signal lights, signal lights board, wires, everything ready to connect and easy instructions. All wires come with connection strips with screws.


You can buy sets that you want when you want.


We have thought about the future, the track system is expandable on the left side by substituting 2 curves by turnouts.
In order to easy assembly there are not flexible tracks.
When you finish you can will begun with landscape as you desire.




2 track circuits, 2 levels, 2 stations, 3 tunnels, 1 bridge, 12 switch points and 6 signal ligths at the beggining of stations with SET núm 5
Measurements 168 x 76cm
For orders and more information, please, write an e-mail to info@auque.com or use the contact form
Orders would be sent in 20 days